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Our Story

International Flight Network was started by Nick Wenzel in June 2016 solely as a Twitter account. It was one of the first accounts dedicated to informing the public about both aviation news and flight updates, such as emergency landings or diversions.

Jakob Wert joined IFN in September 2017. Within half a year, his job at the network grew from posting newsworthy aviation updates to being an active journalist and reporter.

Earlier in 2018, we started working on a massive expansion of International Flight Network. Our goal was to improve coverage and be a trusted and reliable source for commercial aviation news. In addition to our Twitter presence, we created an Instagram account. And on October 13, was launched, together with a Facebook page.

Our Team

Nick Wenzel:
Founder of IFN, Editor for, Social Media Manager
Home airport: HAM
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Jakob Wert:
Editor-In-Chief of, Head of Communications and Social Media
Home airport: DUS
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Matt Griffin:
Writer and UK correspondent for
Home airport: LHR
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Jan-Hendrik Fiedler:
Writer for
Home airport: MUC
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Umut Celik:
Contributor and Turkey correspondent for
Home airports: ADB / FRA / LAX
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