We are present on a list of Social Media networks, where you can find the latest aviation updates from International Flight Network (IFN).


Twitter is our most important network besides IFN.news. We are posting daily aviation news and flight alerts on Twitter since June 2016. If you want to have a real-time feed on what’s happening in the air right now, then we highly recommend you to follow us there.

In addition, we run an account exclusively for Breaking News – follow @FlightBreaking.

Our Twitter coverage includes:

  • Latest aviation articles and news updates
  • Breaking News
  • Accidents & incidents
  • Flight emergencies
  • Flight diversions
  • Aircraft deliveries
  • Interesting flight movements

IFN also uses Twitter for live coverage of aviation events and airshows.

Feel free to contact us via Twitter at any time.


Launched at the same time as this website, our Facebook page is dedicated to posting the latest news & articles from IFN.news.


On Instagram we are posting interesting aviation pictures and insights from time to time.


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