IFN.news is an independent and not profit-oriented network, created by aviation geeks. While we do try our best to have a solid coverage, it’s impossible to write about everything relevant with the small team that we are.

Contributions by others, as well as new team members, are therefore super important for us. If you feel like a topic you are interested in is not covered by IFN, you can submit your own article about it. And if you have unique images of important and newsworthy events or aircraft types, you can submit those too.


Have you ever thought about writing your own aviation news articles for a public audience? IFN might be your place. You can become a contributor for IFN.news, by writing your own original articles and submitting them to us. If we think they are good and newsworthy, we will publish them on our website – with your name and bio on them. You can even become a fixed team member if you regularly write articles for us.

Boeing and Embraer press conference at FIA 2018. Photo: © Jakob Wert / International Flight Network


It is very difficult for media networks to get fitting imagery for articles. If you are a plane spotter and want to support us, you can give us permission to use your photos on our posts. We will give full credit to you whenever we decide to use one of your images on an article.

We are particularly interested in photos of Boeing, Airbus or Bombardier delivery or test flights from Seattle, Everett, Charleston, Toulouse, Hamburg and other airports.

Additionally, you could become part of our Instagram team or support us with covering events (like major air shows) as a Photographer.


If you would like to join International Flight Network or have something to submit or share, please fill the application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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