Air France to discontinue Joon

Photo: © Anna Zvereva

Air France’s new CEO, Benjamin Smith, plans to discontinue subsidiary airline Joon, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

The new airline branding was launched in December last year, in an attempt to cut costs and reach a wider variety of customers. Joon mostly operates leisure routes, such as Cape Town and Barcelona, for its parent company. The carrier was not yet able to make a profit. Now, Smith sees no future in the airline and decided to abandon the project.

Air France intends to move around 550 workers, currently employed by the subsidiary, to the mainline carrier.

When contacted by International Flight Network, Air France denied the reports by Le Figaro and says that no decision has been made to suspend Joon.

At the moment, Joon operates 13 Airbus A320 family airplanes and four A340-300 long haul aircraft.

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