Air France’s Joon ends operations

Joon Airbus A340-300
Photo: © Anna Zvereva

Air France’s subsidiary Joon has operated its last commercial flights under the Joon brand and will be merged into the Air France mainline again.

All flights operated by Joon, as well as its around 600 employees, will be taken over by Air France.

The subsidiary operated a fleet of Airbus A320 family airplanes and A340-300 widebody aircraft. Its route network included both flights short-/medium-haul and intercontinental long-haul flights.

Joon was founded by the French flag-carrier in December 2017, in an attempt to cut costs and reach a wider variety of customers. In November last year, it was reported that Air France plans to discontinue the brand, to focus on Air France instead and not split up the group in too many different brands.

In January, the French carrier confirmed that the Joon experiment will be terminated.