Airbus delivers 100th US assembled aircraft

Photo: © Airbus

The 100th Airbus aircraft to be assembled in the United States has been delivered to Frontier Airlines.

Delivery aircraft

The aircraft delivered was MSN 8580, a CFM Leap engined Airbus A320neo (A320-251N) and carries the registration N343FR. All Frontier Airlines aircraft feature a unique animal artwork on the tail, and N343FR is no exception with a pair of horses, which the airline claim are named Meadow and West.

The Denver Colorado based low-cost carrier now has 84 aircraft in service, all of which are of the Airbus A320 family. The new delivery is its 33rd A320neo, Frontier has orders for 147 more of the type.

Localised deliveries

A321 assembly taking place at Airbus, Mobile, Alabama. Photo: © Tad Denson

In September 2015, Airbus opened its assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama, where it is capable of assembling all three members of the A320 family which are intended for US customers. The localised delivery means that Airbus can increase the production rate of the A320 family, which are built at Airbus’ other plants in Hamburg Finkenwerder (Germany), Toulouse (France) and Tianjin (China). The delivery, which took place on 11th December, marks the 100th aircraft to be built and delivered from the US plant.