Airbus pauses production in France, Spain amid measures against Coronavirus

Airbus A330 assembly in Toulouse, France. Photo: © Airbus

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is pausing production and assembly in France and Spain following the implementation of new measures by the governments to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

However, as of now, production will only be halted for the next four days, according to Airbus. The company says it will “implement stringent health and safety conditions in terms of hygiene, cleaning and self-distancing” during this period of time.

It further stated that the manufacturer is ‘maximising homeworking wherever possible’. Whether the overall production output would be affected was not immediately clear.

Airbus is also working together with its customers and suppliers to minimise the impact of this decision on their operations.Airbus

It is yet to be seen how big the impact of the current crisis will be on aircraft deliveries around the world. Several airlines that are struggling with reduced demand and travel restrictions have already announced plans to defer deliveries of new airplanes.

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