Azores Airlines retires its last Airbus A310

Photo: © Lord of the Wings

On October 15, the last Airbus A310 of Azores Airlines (previously known as SATA Internacional) operated its last revenue flight. This highlights the end of the airline’s A310 operations.

Before performing its last commercial flight in the evening, the aircraft took off for a special ‘farewell flight‘ over the island.

According to, the Airbus A310 was delivered to Air Afrique in 1992. Eight years later, after a temporary storage, the Portuguese carrier ‘SATA Internacional’ bought the aircraft.
CS-TGV was later named after the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, ‘Sao Miguel’. Due to the pending retirement, the Airbus A310 fleet did not receive the name and livery change from SATA to Azores Airlines after the airline’s rebranding in 2015.

Azores Airlines is currently operating an all-Airbus fleet of A320, A321neo and A330-200 aircraft. Airbus A321LR deliveries are expected to start in 2019. In total, the airline had three Airbus A310 planes in its fleet.