Boeing completes 737 MAX software fix

A Boeing 737 MAX 7 test aircraft. Photo: © pjs2005

Boeing says that it has completed the software modifications to its Manoeuvring Characteristics and Augmentation System (MCAS) for its 737 MAX family line. The latest iteration of the company’s most popular aircraft has been grounded since 13th March following the second crash of a 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia.

The American aircraft manufacturer states that the software update has been tested in the simulator and in flight tests, on 207 flights accumulating more than 360 hours of flight test time, and is now ready to be re-certified. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also required Boeing to provide updated information on how the flight crew are to operate the systems. This new materiel will be provided to the FAA, which will conduct a flight test with Boeing before certifying the aircraft for its return to flight.

We’re committed to providing the FAA and global regulators all the information they need, and to getting it right. We’re making clear and steady progress and are confident that the 737 MAX with updated MCAS software will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly. The accidents have only intensified our commitment to our values, including safety, quality and integrity, because we know lives depend on what we do.Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing

The stock value of The Boeing Company has gone up by just over 1% after the announcement.

There is still no indication as to when the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX will be lifted, but according to CNN, the Chicago based manufacturer has reported that it received zero orders for any commercial airplanes in the month of April. While it is impossible to give exact reasons for this, it is likely that many airlines are holding out on ordering Boeing aircraft until the 737 MAX woes are solved, given the largely negative criticism the company has faced over its handling of the two fatal accidents of the 737 MAX 8.

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