FedEx retires final Airbus A310 freighter

FedEx Airbus A310
Photo: © Konstantin von Wedelstaedt

FedEx Express has retired its final Airbus A310 freighter aircraft. The airline’s last remaining A310 was flown from Memphis to Victorville in California last week.

In total, the cargo carrier had 70 converted Airbus A310s in its fleet that were previously in service as passenger aircraft. Previous operators of converted planes include Lufthansa, KLM and Pan Am.

FedEx continues to add factory-new Boeing 767-300ERF (‘Extended Range Freighter’) jets as an Airbus A310 replacement. It also takes delivery of more Boeing 777F airplanes as it replaces older MD-10F and MD-11F.

The American courier company operates a mixed cargo fleet of Airbus A300, Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 777, as well as McDonnell Douglas MD-10 and MD-11 freighter planes. Furthermore, ATR 42/72 and Cessna 208 are part of the airline’s regional ‘Feeder’ fleet. These smaller aircraft are operated by contractors.