French air traffic controllers start three-day strike

France Paris Orly Airport
Photo: © Dylan Agbagni

Air traffic controllers in France have started strike over a three-day period as part of a nationwide industrial action.

The strike action started on Wednesday evening, May 8th, at 17:00 UTC and is expected to end on Friday at 04:00 UTC in the morning.

Airlines are asked to reduce the number of flight movements by 30% at Paris Orly, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse airports on Thursday. Therefore, delays and cancellations of flights to or from France are highly likely. Furthermore, overflights are affected as well and delays have to be expected.

Air France announced in a statement that it expects to operate 100% of its long-haul flights and 73% of its short-haul flights. Moreover, the French flag-carrier says it will operate almost all of its medium-haul flights. However, the airline warns there may be delays and last-minute cancellations.