Helvetic Airways converts Embraer E2 order

Helvetic Airways Embraer E190-E2
Image: © Embraer

Swiss regional carrier Helvetic Airways has signed a commitment to convert an order for four Embraer E190-E2 jets to the larger E195-E2. The original order consisted of twelve E190-E2, with the option to convert them to E195-E2.

So far, Helvetic has received five E190-E2s, with the remaining seven aircraft (now including four E195-E2 and three E190-E2) being due by the end of 2021. Helvetic will equip its E195-E2 aircraft with 134 seats, while the smaller E190-E2s have a capacity of 110 seats.

The Embraer E195-E2 strikes a good balance between seating capacity, range, fuel consumption and environmentally friendly operation. With between 120 and 150 seats, it has virtually no competition in the regional aircraft segment. Operating a single fleet – in terms of cockpit – with varying seating capacities will enable us to expand our organisation’s operational flexibility and autonomy.Tobias Pogorevc, Helvetic Airways CEO

Embraer’s E-Jet family, including the next generation E2, is among the most successful regional jets on the market, recording more than 1900 orders from over 100 customers. Helvetic’s 13 Embraer aircraft, five E190-E2 and eight E190 (E1) jets, serve destinations across Europe and operate in a wet-lease agreement with flag-carrier Swiss. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, Helvetic has significantly reduced its flight plan, but is looking forward to resuming a normal schedule in the near future.