JetBlue to introduce a ‘Basic Economy’ fare

Photo: © JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is preparing to launch a new fare option for customers looking to save with the lowest cost possible, JetBlue President and COO Joanna Geraghty announced in a note to crewmembers. The new basic economy fare, with the working label ‘Blue Save‘, will join the existing fare options ‘Blue‘, ‘Blue Plus’ and ‘Blue Flex’.

“At JetBlue, we never liked the ‘no frills‘ approach“ – Joanna Geraghty

Most American domestic carriers have already introduced a ‘Basic Economy’ fare, such as American Airlines or United, in reaction to ultra low-cost airlines. So far, JetBlue refused to add a no-frills fare.

Customer behavior suggests our success is at risk if we do not disrupt this market by lowering fares without sacrificing the experience“, Joanna Geraghty added in the note.

Lower price, with some limits

Although it is too early to share specific features, JetBlue gave a short preview of the new fare option:

  • free in-flight entertainment
  • free internet access
  • free snacks and soft drinks
  • carry-on bag and personal item included

However, customers will have to agree to some limits. According to Joanna Geraghty, this might include things like boarding order, seating and change/cancelation flexibility.