PenAir Saab 2000 overruns runway at Unalaska Airport

Photo: © Nathan Coats

A PenAir Saab 2000 has overrun the runway during a landing approach at Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Airport in the Aleutian Islands at around 6pm local time on Thursday.

The Saab 2000, registered as N686PA, operated Alaska Airlines flight AS3296 from Anchorage, Alaska and carried 39 passengers, including a group of high school students and 3 crew members. It is reported that the flight performed a go-around on the first try and positioned for another approach minutes later with a tailwind.

The aircraft subsequently failed to stop on the runway and overran it by about 125 meters/400feet. It came to rest in a nose down angle just a few meters shy of the Pacific Ocean.

During the overrun, 10 people received minor injuries while two were admitted to a local hospital with critical injuries. One of the propellers separated from the engine and impacted the fuselage at row five.

On October 18th, Alaskan State Troopers confirmed that a 38-year old male passenger has died in the accident and that they will be releasing more information as soon as possible.

PenAir, officially Peninsula Airways, is a subsidiary of Ravn Alaska and operates a fleet of five Saab 2000 on scheduled routes and charter flights in Alaska. Some of these flights are marketed by Alaska Airlines.