Qantas passengers to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination, CEO says

A Qantas Airbus A330. Photo: © Gerrit Steiner

Qantas will soon require its passengers to show proof of a vaccination against Covid-19, its CEO Alan Joyce said on Monday in a television interview with Channel 9.

Joyce said the Australian airline is indeed looking to change its terms and conditions to require international travellers to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus disease Covid-19. The airline has not yet decided if it would implement a similar system for domestic flights.

Whether you need that domestically, we’ll have to see what happens with Covid-19 and the marketAlan Joyce, CEO of Qantas

Of course, such a condition for passengers will only be implemented by the airline once a vaccine is certified and widely available in Australia.

This comes amid the ongoing, and in some places escalating Coronavirus pandemic that has a particularly severe effect on the aviation and travel industries. Qantas is heavily affected by current travel restrictions and is operating almost no international flights. It retired its remaining Boeing 747-400 aircraft earlier this year.

Despite the pandemic, the company recently became the third airline in the world to have its 100th anniversary.