Ryanair cancels all Italy flights

A Ryanair Boeing 737. Photo: © Sandor Sumkuti

Following the spread of the Coronavirus in Europe and especially in Italy, Ryanair has announced the suspension of all flights to, and within Italy.

Domestic flights throughout Italy will be suspended at midnight on March 11 for 28 days until midnight on April 8. International flights will be suspended two days later at midnight on March 13 and will also run until midnight on April 8. Affected passengers can either be put on a flight before the starting time or request a full refund of their tickets.

This measure is a direct result of the decision by the Italian government to put the whole country on lockdown and advise against all non-essential travel to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ryanair is the latest carrier to suspend all flights to Italy after British Airways announced a suspension of all flights to and from Italy for Tuesday. Furthermore, Spain’s Ministry for Transportation has banned all flights originating in Italy from landing in Spain, starting in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.