Salzburg Airport closes for runway renovation

Photo: © Alan Parkinson

Salzburg, Austria’s second largest airport, has closed on Wednesday for five weeks. During this period, the 2850 metre long runway, which was build more than 50 years ago, will be renewed.

While the airport is set to reopen for commercial traffic on May 29, the renovation work on its sole runway is tentatively set to complete a week prior to this date to allow for possible delays which may occur during the works.

Airlines have canceled all flights to Salzburg Airport. However, Turkish Airlines, which was serving the city six times a week, has instead opted to relocate its flights to Linz, Austria, located 107 kilometres (66 miles) northeast of Salzburg and easily connected via road and rail.

Salzburg is situated in the country’s northwest, close to the German border and surrounded by mountains of the Alps. It is especially busy during the skiing season in the winter, when numerous seasonal and charter flights arrive from all over Europe, bringing tourists to the area.

During summer period, the airport is mainly served by regional flights of legacy carriers such as Austrian Airlines but also offers flights to leisure destinations.