Security alert involving Air Europa aircraft at Amsterdam Airport

The involved aircraft at Schiphol Airport in 2018. Photo: © Jeroen Stroes

Dutch military police has responded to a hijack alert coming from an airliner at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The alert has since been confirmed as a false alarm.

The involved aircraft was an Air Europa Airbus A330-200, registered as EC-LQP. The plane was due to take off to Madrid as UX1094, but is indefinitely delayed. It is currently standing at area D of the airport.

Police and the airport have confirmed that passengers and crew have been evacuated from the Airbus A330, the investigation remains ongoing.

Air Europa has since release a statement, saying that procedures for a hijack situation were activated by accident.

Emergency helicopters were used in the response, along with ground based emergency services. The incident was classified as ‘GRIP 3’, which refers to a situation that poses a threat to the local population.

Terminal D and E, as well as the train station were y partly closed off. However, flights continued to take off and land. As of 9:15 pm, the areas have reopened, with regular operations slowly resuming.