Small Planet Airlines Germany suspends operations

Three Small Planet Airlines aircraft on the ground at Paderborn Airport in May 2018. Photo: © Dzermeikaite

In September, Small Planet Airlines Germany entered a restructuring process under German law. During the search for a new investor, the German civil aviation authority, the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA), extended the airline’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) until November 4th. However, several potential investors have recently cancelled negotiations concerning a takeover and the German Small Planet Airlines was forced to end scheduled flight operations at the end of October.

In total, Small Planet Airlines Germany operated with six Airbus A320 family planes, which were registered in Germany.

Two Airbus A320s have been ferried to Tarbes, France, for temporary storage on November 1st. Another A320, registered as D-ASPI, has already been returned to its lessor and ferried to Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR). shows that another three A320/A321 aircraft are currently on the ground at Paderborn Airport. According to a reports by Swiss, two of the three aircraft (Airbus A321s, registered D-ASPC and D-ASPD) will be reactivated if a new investor is found. The other remaining Airbus A320 has been returned to its lessor as well.

Lastly, the German airline wet-leased an Airbus A320, registered YR-SEA, from Star East Airlines. The aircraft positioned back to Istanbul on October 31.

The Polish Small Planet Airlines entity also filed for a restructuring process earlier this month, as well as the Lithuanian unit of Small Planet Airlines.