Small Planet Airlines grounded by authorities

Photo: © Gianluca Borchia

Small Planet Airlines has been permanently grounded by the Lithuanian Civil Aviation Administration (CAA). All flights are cancelled.

The Lithuania-based carrier’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) was revoked by a court, forcing the airline to cease all operations in the night from November 28th to November 29th. Small Planet Airlines recently entered a restructuring process, laid off staff and airplanes, trying to maintain flights, but ultimately failed to cover its own group’s costs.

Its three subsidiaries, Small Planet Airlines GermanyPoland and Cambodia had already suspended operations earlier this month.

The German branch recently announced that it found a buyer, however earlier it week it was reported that the purchase had failed.

Small Planet Group operated a total of 32 Airbus A320 family aircraft. It also had Boeing 737-300 and a single 757-200 in the past.