South Sudan Supreme Airlines aircraft crashes shortly after takeoff

A Let-410 of South Sudan Supreme Airlines. Photo: © David Osborn/

An aircraft belonging to South Supreme Airlines has crashed shortly after taking off from the small village Pieri in South Sudan.

According to preliminary information, the chartered plane was carrying ten people, including two crew and eight passengers, no survivors have been found at the crash site. The Director of Juba International Airport, where the plane was headed to, confirmed the accident to local media, so did the owner of the airline.

The following day it was reported that the aircraft involved in the accident was a Let-410 turboprop with a fraudulent registration number belonging to a Colombian helicopter, the number of occupants was between 10 and 24, everyone on board died in the accident.

A picture of the accident site surfaced on March 3rd, showing the aircraft completely destroyed. Additionally, the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir announced that he has indefinitely suspended the Air Operator’s Certificate of South Sudan Supreme Airlines.

South Supreme Airlines is one of the main providers of air connections in South Sudan and operates a fleet of various aircraft types, including, but not limited to, Antonov An-26 and Let-410 aircraft.