Storm approaching Europe causes flight disruptions

British Airways Airbus A380 landing at London Hearthow Airport
London airports to be hit by delays and cancellations. Photo: © Heathrow Aiport

Airlines have cancelled flights as storm ‘Ciara’ (in some countries named ‘Sabine’) is approaching northern and central Europe with heavy wind and rain.

Several countries on the continent have issued official warnings due to extreme weather.

On Sunday morning, the storm first hit Ireland and the United Kingdom with gusts of up to 130 km/h (81 mph). It is expected to reach large parts of continental Europe by the evening.

At London’s two major airports Heathrow and Gatwick, the day started with many flights already being forced to perform go-arounds due to strong winds during landing. The weather situation in and around the city is expected to worsen over the coming hours.

Irish flag-carrier Aer Lingus is advising passengers due to fly on Sunday to monitor their flight status. On Sunday morning, Dublin Airport stated that ‘a small number of flights have been cancelled’ and added that the weather condition may result in further flight delays.

Other airlines and airport in affected countries have posted similar warnings for Sunday and the following to days.

On Sunday afternoon, German low-cost carrier Eurowings announced that it is temporarily suspending services from most of its bases.