Transair Boeing 737 makes emergency landing on water near Honolulu

The aircraft performed an emergency landing on water between Kalaeloa Aiport (bottom left) and Honolulu Airport (top middle). Photo: © Tony Webster (CC BY 2.0)

A Transair Cargo Boeing 737 was forced to perform an emergency landing on water near Honolulu, Hawaii.

The aircraft on flight T4810 to Kahului suffered an engine failure after taking off from Honolulu Airport (IATA: HNL) at 1:33 am local time on Friday. An attempt to return to the airport was unsuccessful and the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing on water, not far off the coastline west of Honolulu.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) recordings show that the pilots first informed Honolulu Airport tower about a single engine failure, but while attempting to return to the airport also reported issues with the other engine. Flight T4810 then asked the tower to “let the Coast Guard know”. A minute later, the aircraft no longer responded to radio calls. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Coast Guard have confirmed that both pilots have been rescued.

The Boeing 737-200 freighter involved in the accident is registered as N810TA. It was built in 1975 and has been part of the airline’s fleet since 2014.

Transair Cargo is a small airline, offering cargo flights between the Hawaiian islands. Its fleet consists of five Boeing 737-200 as well as a number of Short 360 aircraft. The 737-200 are operated by Rhoades Aviation.