Airbus suspends most production in Spain

Assembly of an the Airbus A350 vertifal stabiliser in Getafe, Spain. Photo: © Airbus

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is temporarily suspending most of its production activities in Spain after the government imposed new measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Starting today, the Spanish government is restricting all non-essential work activities across the country until April 9.

Airbus says that “some key activities” are essential and a minimum working activity will therefore continue. The company does not go into details as to what these activities are, but states that they are important in supporting security, IT and engineering.

Employees who are not in production or assembly will work from home, Airbus says.

According to the government, workers will continue to be paid over the restriction period. Spain is the European nation with the second most confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Earlier this month, Airbus temporarily stopped production in both Spain and France for a period of four days, as it implemented new health and safety measures.

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