Boeing to suspend production in Seattle, Everett after worker dies of Coronavirus

Boeing 787 factory in Everett, Washington. Photo: © Boeing

Boeing has announced that it will temporarily suspend production in the ‘Puget Sound’ area, including Seattle and Everett, as well as in Moses Lake, Washington state.

This comes after the news that a worker from Boeing’s Everett facility, who was an inspector at the Boeing 787 program, died of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). According to the Seattle Times, there are 32 confirmed cases of the virus among Boeing’s workforce, as of Monday.

The aircraft manufacturer will close its facilities in the area, starting on Wednesday and lasting for 14 days.

Employees who can work from home will continue to do so, other workers would only receive ‘paid leave’ for the first ten days of the suspension, according to the company.

Boeing says it it working on minimizing the impact on the delivery of products to its customers, especially for defence and space.

We continue to work closely with public health officials, and we’re in contact with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who are affected by this temporary suspension.Dave Calhoun, President and CEO of Boeing

Meanwhile, European competitor Airbus is restarting production in France and Spain, after a four-day halt to implement new health and safety measures intended to slow the spread of Coronavirus in Europe.

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