Embraer receives 250 letters of intent for future turboprop

Embraer's concept new turboprop. Image: © Embraer

In a press conference at Farnborough Airshow, Embraer has released new information about its upcoming turboprop aircraft, including 250 letters of intent.

The latest aircraft to be launched by the Brazilian manufacturer was announced in 2020. It is to use the same fuselage as the E-jet family, which will allow it to be the largest and most efficient turboprop airliner in service. Wind tunnel tests for the propellers was completed in March of 2022 and the rest of the aircraft continues to undergo design testing. When compared to the ATR72, Embraer targets the aircraft to offer 25% more seats, be 20% faster and offer a 15% lower cost per-seat. When talking about reliability, it also aims for the aircraft to provide “3x lower interruptions” compared the the ATR72.

The program is currently in the ‘advanced design’ stages, with an official project launch in the first half of 2023. There are set to be two variants of the currently unnamed turboprop, each offering different capacities and performance. It is yet to be decided which model will launch first, along with the specifications, but Embraer hopes for the first model to enter airline service in early 2028 using 100% sustainable aviation fuel, with the second variant due later in 2029.

Embraer also announced that it has received more than 250 letters of intent for the new aircraft, spanning airlines from a global spread of airlines (both mainline and regional carriers), which the OEM confirmed that none of which are lessors.