LATAM Airbus A320neo collides with vehicles at Lima Airport

A LATAM A320neo, similar to the one involved in the accident. Photo: © Rafael Luiz Canossa

A LATAM Airlines A320neo, registered as CC-BHB, and operating flight LA2213 from Lima to Juliaca in Peru collided at high speed with at least two fire trucks crossing the runway on takeoff from Lima. ADSB-data shows the aircraft was traveling at at least 127 knots, which is near its usual take-off speed.

Surveillance videos show the right hand main landing gear collapsing on impact and the aircraft skidding to a stop further down the runway. The subsequent fire was extinguished by fire services and Lima Airport reports that all passengers and crew are safe. Of the 108 people on board, 4 are treated in hospital with serious injuries while 36 are treated with minor injuries. Two occupants of the fire trucks hit have died in the accident. A video shared online shows several fire trucks driving at high speed towards the runway when the airplane hit them.

In a statement, LATAM Airlines acknowledged the accident and confirmed that everyone on board survived the accident. Passenger photos shared online show extensive fire damage to the right wing and underbelly of the aircraft.