LATAM Argentina shuts down

A LATAM Argentina A320. Photo: © Carlos Daniel Dobelli

LATAM Airlines Group has announced on Wednesday that it is shutting down its Argentinian subsidiary LATAM Airlines Argentina.

Before suspending operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic in late-March, the airline operated a fleet of 13 Airbus A320 aircraft on domestic and regional flights to neighboring countries. It also operated a few Boeing 767 from 2016 until late-2019. LATAM CEO Roberto Alvo said “LATAM’s other affiliates are continuing to serve Argentina“, as the airline has always seen the country as “fundamental for the group“. Other airlines of the group will therefore continue to operate flights between Argentina and Chile, Brazil, Peru and the United States.

While LATAM Airlines states the suspension of operations is indefinite, a return to the sky of LATAM Argentina is unlikely given the current Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding of parent company LATAM Chile.

The airline was originally founded as Aero 2000 before it was bought by LAN Chile in 2005 and rebranded as LAN Argentina. It subsequently renamed to LATAM Argentina after LAN Chile and Brazilian TAM Airlines changed their branding to LATAM in 2017.